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Organic CBD Flower Sour Space Candy β€” Hybrid (S/D)

Organic CBD Flower Sour Space Candy β€” Hybrid (S/D)

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Simply CBD Organic Flower Sour Space Candy (14% CBD)

Sour Space Candy is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain. Β Sour Space Candy shares its lineage with the Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry. Β Our Sour Space Candy CBD hemp flowers have a diverse range of cannabinoids and terpenes. Β For example, her dominant terpenes are limonene and pinene.Β Β 


Grown in Vermont and hand trimmed to perfection. The cured nugs of our Organic CBD Flower Sour Space Candy release a delicious sweet and pungent gaseous-floral aroma that lingers around for hours.

Her flowers are medium to round in size and are often covered in sweet sap-like resinous oils which will stick to your fingers. Users will detect a sharp flavor of diesel and fruity berries complimented with subtle notes of sour lemon and pine when smoked or vaped.Β 

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