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Large Rolling Tray

Large Rolling Tray

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Quit rolling straight on the table or on old textbooks! Rolling trays keep your sesh organized.  These fun rolling trays have got you covered. At 7 by 11.25 inches, you have ample room to roll. They're made of light aluminum and have a minimalist, sleek glossy finish, so they're incredibly easy to clean and store as well. Smooth Finish with Rounded Non-Sharp Edges Make this Ideal for on the Go Rolling, Travel or Storage.  What's not to like?

Rolling Trays FAQ

What is a rolling tray?

Rolling trays are metal trays with a raised rim that are designed for rolling joints. They keep the smoker from making a mess as they roll and help to prevent weed waste. With the right rolling tray, you can transform yourself into a rolling machine.

Are rolling trays worth it?

The best trays are always worth the price. Not only will you be able to roll joints quicker than ever, but you will also save money as you won’t be wasting weed while you are packing your joints.

Can you use anything as a rolling tray? 

Rolling trays are unique because of their flat surface with raised edges. They are also designed to be lightweight, so you can lift them to dump weed back into a jar. If you have another piece of equipment in your home that can serve this same function, you can try to use it as a rolling tray. Just know that it may not work as well as a rolling tray that has been designed for use with weed.

There are a few smoking accessories that every weed smoker must have. One of those is a weed rolling tray.

Weed rolling trays not only give you a great spot for rolling your next joint, but they can also keep your home clean and reduce waste.

Wonder how a rolling tray can help improve your smoking experience? Read on to find out more about rolling trays and check out some cool ones you can add to your collection.


What is the purpose of a rolling tray?

The purpose of a rolling tray is to give you a place to roll a joint. These trays are typically made of metal, glass, or plastic and can be set on any surface, such as a coffee table.

The smoker then sets their rolling papers on the tray, dumps some weed from their grinder, and rolls their joint.

Besides making it more convenient to roll joints, rolling trays also reduce weed waste, as any weed that falls out of the joint during the rolling process is trapped in the tray thanks to the raised edges. Then this weed can easily be dumped back into the grinder and used for another smoking session.

Why do you need trays for weed?

Having a flat surface is essential to joint rolling. Anyone who has ever tried to roll a joint on their lap while sitting on the couch can attest to that.

While you could use a surface like a desk, weed that has been ground for a joint can be messy. Therefore, without the lipped edges typically found on a metal rolling tray, you may find weed all over your carpet when you finish rolling.

Not only is this messy, but weed is expensive, and wasting all of this flower can add up quickly. Thus a weed rolling tray is a must-have accessory that will truly improve your overall rolling experience.

Some smokers even choose to use a rolling tray when they are filling their weed pipes with ground weed. This way, any weed that doesn’t make it in the pipe is contained by the curved edges of the tray and can be dumped back into the stash box with ease.


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