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Diamond Distillate Live Resin 1 Gram Pen

Diamond Distillate Live Resin 1 Gram Pen

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Diamond Distillates is the future of your Cannabis experience. Our team cultivates the most exotic strains to produce one-of-a-kind concentration everyone can count on.

Our pride and passion lies in our flavorful live resins paired with other cannabinoids that deliver terpene rich flavor& therapeutic benefits never felt before. All extracts are processed using our certified Organic crops and are Lab tested to ensure the purest and most potent concentrates available on the market. 

Choose from a variety of strains:

* Tahoe OG ( Indica)

*Stardawg Guava ( Hybrid)

* Red Thai ( Sativa)

* NYC Diesel (Sativa)

* Jack Crack

*Pearadise (Sativa)

*G-Wagon (Sativa)

* 10th Planet (Hybrid)

*Gator Breathe (Hybrid)

* Kapri Sun (Hybrid)

* Midnight Cowboy (Hybrid)

* Pebble Punch (Indica)



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