Organic CBD Flower Ceiba — Hybrid (I/D) Simply CBD LLC

Organic CBD Flower Ceiba — Hybrid (I/D)

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Organic CBD Flower Ceiba — Hybrid (I/D)

Ceiba (17.07% CBD) is a bold indica dominant hybrid strain.  Ceiba was born from a Cannatonic / Harlequin cross that was bred with Sour Tsunami. This strain is a go to after a long day to ease muscle pains and stress. 

Ceiba provides flavor of:

  • sweet melons,
  • earthy kush,
  • fuel, and
  • spicy pine.

Organic CBD Flower Ceiba is a high-quality, CBD hemp cultivar that originates from Vermont. Ceiba flowers are usually frosty and dense, covered with trichomes, and packed with terpenes. It is excellent for rolling, extracting oil, and of course, vaping. The aroma, flavor, and effects are absolutely top-shelf quality and make for an exquisite hemp experience.

Organic CBD Flower Ceiba — Hybrid (I/D) is a potent strain that will help you release your stress and uplift you, which CBD flowers are meant to do. Ceiba does it exceptionally well. This strain inherits from its well-known parent strains because of their high-quality genetics.