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Organic CBD Flower Hawaiian Haze — Sativa

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Organic CBD Flower Hawaiian Haze (19.41% CBD)

Hawaiian Haze is a Sativa that can give you the feeling of being on a tropical island. Hawaiian Haze has been known to  help with social anxiety. Hawaiian Haze is the perfect choice for social gatherings and daytime use.

Her cured buds release an intense tropical aroma that resembles

  • papaya,
  • pineapple, and
  • passionfruit. 

Hawaiian Haze boasts a  tropical fruit flavor with tropical pine and a hint of pepper. 

The buds are dense and a bright green with exquisite sun-orange pistils glittered with tricomes.

Organic CBD Flower Hawaiian Haze contains an abundance of cannabinoids and terpenes, both act in synergy, creating soothing and relaxing effects. When smoked or vaped, fans often describe the effects as energizing combined with a gradual muscle and mind relaxation.