2000mg CBD/CBG Tincture

2oz CBD Tincture CBD & CBG Isolate 2000mg (THC Free)

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We give you our THC FREE line of CBD & CBG combination high potency tinctures! You have been asking, and we heard  you loud and clear! These are clean processing, zero “green” taste or coloring.  Just smooth and tasty awesome healing. These are our “Tangerine Dream, and Lemon Pound Cake ” and they are quite simply divine.

Can help with relief from pain,  mood, anxiety & over all wellness.

Made with high-quality CBD & CBG isolate, our Ultra High Potency tincture has a clean taste and subtle flavor of either Lemon Pound Cake, Tangerine Vanilla Dream,  & Vanilla Bean Mint. We carefully formulate our THC FREE tinctures using nano emulsification. All of our products are produced in house, and never out sourced.