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1g CBD Pre-Roll 2pk

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  • Hemp
  • Organic
  • No Pesticides
  • No Metals
  • No Mold
  • Lab Tested
  • Grown in the USA
    • ACDC is a hybrid. Sativa dominant providing a sense of calm. ACDC has a woody pine flavor that will put you in a happy mood. ¬†It has also been know to help with panic attacks and Epilepsy.

    • Lifter is a Hybrid that is tremendous for focus and will provide an uplifting effect. ¬†Lifter has a tropical fruit flavor with a hint of blueberry followed by a hint of wood or bark.

    • Sour Space Candy is a hybrid that provides mental clarity. ¬†This strong sweet berry flavored hybrid is good for reducing anxiety.

    • Jupiter is an Indica strain great for stress and tension relief. This fast acting strain is helpful with anxiety and panic attacks. ¬†Jupiter has a pungent fuel flavor.

    • Hawaiian Haze is a Sativa that helps with social anxiety. It provides an energizing boost that helps with better sociability. ¬†Hawaiian Haze has a tropical fruit flavor with tropical pine and a hint of pepper.

    • Strawberry Pie is an indica providing a body high. ¬†It helps with stress and pain. ¬†Strawberry Pie has a sweet aroma with an earthy aftertaste.
    • Suver Haze is a Sativa which helps with social anxiety and enables better sociability. ¬†This energizing Sativa has a tropical fruit flavor with a tropical pine and a hint of pepper.

    • White Widow is a Indica-dominant hybrid that expresses the best of both types of cannabis.¬† As a hybrid strain, White Widow is a good choice for those who prefer a balanced experience. Still, because of its Indica dominance, consumers looking for physical relaxation will likely get the most out of it for that quality. Fans of this strain often remark on its ability to provide these beneficial effects without becoming overly sleepy or disconnected.

      • Promotes calm
      • Encourages balanced emotions
      • Supports lowered swelling
      • Maintains stress levels
      • Decreases physical discomfort
      • Encourages natural sleep
      • Benefits appetite