Organic CBD Flower White Widow — Hybrid (I/D) Simply CBD LLC

Organic CBD Flower White Widow — Hybrid (I/D)

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Organic CBD Flower White Widow is a Indica-dominant hybrid with 21% CBD.  As a hybrid strain, White Widow is a good choice for those who prefer a balanced experience.

Some enjoy White Widow for its ability to provide a relaxing, physically soothing experience. White Widow is a great strain for promoting creative energy and excitable, talkative vibes.

Organic CBD Flower White Widow smokes with an intense flavor. White Widow blends sweet and flowery notes with some hints of sour and citrus. The plant makes for an extremely pleasant and aromatic smoke.  White Widow provides a powerful, long lasting body high.

CBD provides this great strain with beneficial effects like:

  • Promotes calm
  • Encourages balanced emotions
  • Supports lowered swelling
  • Maintains stress levels
  • Decreases physical discomfort
  • Encourages natural sleep
  • Benefits appetite

Organic CBD FlowerWhite Widow is the perfect smoke if you want relaxation with excellent medicinal properties.