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CBD/ CBG Chocolate 10 pcs

CBD/ CBG Chocolate 10 pcs

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25 mg CBD / 25 mg CBG Chocolate 10 pcs

Looking for the benefits of CBD and CBG in a delicious treat format?  This one is for you!  We have combined 25mg of CBD and 25mg CBG and infused it into an incredibly smooth chocolate.  This sweet treat can increase focus and energy while also maintaining a level of relaxation - which make it great for day time use.

What are the benefits?

CBD + CBG chocolate are a form of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG) edibles. Being in chocolate form makes them:

  • Longer lasting release
  • Gentle on lungs and throat
  • Easy to dose
  • They’re discreet
  • They’re delicious!

Serving Size: 1 Chocolate Square

Strength per Serving: 25mg Full Spectrum CBD and 25mg CBG

Directions for use: 

Simply eat one of these chocolates and in about an hour you should be feeling the calming effects. No measuring required, a simple, accurate dose every time!

Flavor: Cherry

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